Operating System Compatibility for the Intel® Server Board S2600CW Family

Last Reviewed: 23-Dec-2016
Article ID: 000006988

Compatibility and stress

Intel provides support for issues involving installation or functionality of the server board for the following operating systems, regardless if adapters and peripherals were tested under the operating system:

  • Windows Server 2016*
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux* (RHEL) 7.2
  • SUSE Linux* Enterprise Server (SLES) 11 SP3

Basic installation and compatibility

Intel supports and tests the following operating system drivers for each of the server board integrated controllers, when the controller vendor provides a driver on request:

  • Windows Server 2012 R2* with Hyper-V and EFI
  • VMware ESXi* 6.0 U1
  • Windows* 2008 r2 sp1
  • Windows* 7 sp1
  • Ubuntu* 14.04
Intel does not require vendors to develop drivers for operating systems they do not already support. Functionality of certain server board integrated controllers can be limited.

Intel does not provide technical support for the open source operating systems listed:

  • FreeBSD* 9.2
  • CentOS* 6.5
Contact the related open source community for support.
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