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Controller Audible Alarm Definitions for Intel® RAID Controllers

Last Reviewed: 02-Mar-2016
Article ID: 000008063

The Intel® RAID Controller audible alarm beeps when a drive fails and also during a rebuild.

Drive failure alarm beeps:

  1. Degraded array: Short tone, one second on, one second off
    • Array has degraded but no data has been lost
  2. Failed array: Long tone, three seconds on, one second off
    • Array has failed and high likelihood data has been lost
  3. Hot spare commissioned: Short tone, one second on, three seconds off
    • Using hot spare in rebuild; alarm will continue during rebuild with a different sound at completion

The drive failure tones repeat until the problem is corrected, or until the alarm is silenced or disabled. The alarm can be silenced or disabled on the controller’s properties page in the BIOS Console or by using the failed drive options pane in the Intel® RAID Web Console 2.