How to Extract the Full RAID Log for Intel® RAID Controllers

Last Reviewed: 28-Apr-2017
Article ID: 000007072

How do I extract the full RAID log?
For Intel® RAID Controllers in RAID mode:

  1. Either boot to UEFI, or open a command line as Administrator (Windows*) or root (Linux*).
  2. Run storcli /call show AliLog logfile=raidlog.txt.
For Intel® RAID Controllers in non-RAID mode (IT, target, JBOD, or raw), use Windows Event Viewer (Windows) or var/log/messages (Linux).

Older discontinued Intel® RAID Controllers may only be compatible with CmdTool2. For those Intel® RAID Controllers, run CmdTool2 –AdpAliLog –aAll –NoLog > saslog.txt.

storcli show all
may be easier to read, but does not have the logs included.
storcli show alilog
has logs included.

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