RAID Volume Recovery Procedures for the Intel® Server RAID Controller SRCU31L

Last Reviewed: 02-Jun-2017
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Why do RAID volumes fail?
RAID volumes enter the "failed" status due to the firmware detecting multiple failed hard disk drives that are members of the failed RAID volume.

The failure detected by the firmware can be due to, but not limited to, SCSI bus error conditions, system power spikes, SCSI cabling, or SCSI termination.

Refer to the Intel® RAID Software User Guide for current information

RAID Recovery Procedures (PDF) PDF
Use the following recovery procedures in order to attempt to recover failed RAID volumes that have been marked "failed" by the RAID firmware. The RAID firmware allows you to recover from a very high percentage of these false failures if you follow the procedure in this PDF.

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Date: December 2001
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