Battery Backup Unit Charge Time for Intel® RAID Controllers

Last Reviewed: 02-Mar-2016
Article ID: 000007809

When a Battery Backup Unit (BBU) for an Intel® RAID Controller is first installed, it needs some time to charge before it becomes fully operational. During this time, you may see POST errors. Depending on the firmware level on the RAID controller, the battery status during charging may be reported as bad or missing, or alternatively as charging or defective.

If the battery has only been installed in the system for a short time, this is no reason for concern. Older firmware levels will report the battery as bad or missing, unless it is fully charged. Later firmware reports the battery as charging or defective, unless it is fully charged.

Likewise, if the server system with the battery installed experiences a loss of power, and the battery is depleted during the power failure, it will recharge once the main power comes back. As the battery is charging, the POST will again report the battery as bad or missing or as charging or defective.

Battery charging times vary, but the typical charging time is 24-48 hours.

If your battery is still giving POST errors that it is bad or missing or that it is charging or defective after 72 hours charging time, please contact Intel Customer Support.

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