Basic Troubleshooting Guide for Intel® RAID Controller–Related Issues

Last Reviewed: 02-May-2017
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Intel® RAID Basic Troubleshooting Guide (PDF) icon
Provides basic troubleshooting to identify and resolve RAID-related problems or failures for Intel SAS/SATA RAID Controller–related issues. It is designed for use by knowledgeable system integrators and is not intended to address broader system-related failures. 

Note Before diagnosing RAID failures, or making any changes to the RAID configuration, verify that a complete and verified backup of critical data is available.

Do not remove any hot-plug drives from the system or shut the system down until you have verified the cause of the failure.

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Date: June 2009
Revision: 2.0

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This article applies to:

Intel® Server Board S2600V3KPF
Intel® Server Board S2600V3KP Family
Intel® Server Board S2600V3TP
Intel® Server Board S2600V3TPF
Intel® Server Board S2600V3TP Family