Frequently Asked Questions About Intel® Management Module MFCMM and MFCMM2

Last Reviewed: 23-Dec-2016
Article ID: 000006871

What is the MFCMM2?
The MFCMM2 is a management module with a faster CPU and more memory. It requires the updated midplane MFMIDPLANE2 to work.

If you have a functioning Intel® Modular Server System with the MFCMM and the MFMIDPLANE, there is no need to replace the MFCMM with the MFCMM2. Do not attempt to use an original MFCMM with the updated midplane MFMIDPLANE2, or the updated MFCMM2 with the original midplane MFMIDPLANE.

The MFCMM2 and MFMIDPLANE2 ship with the Intel® Modular Server System MFSYS25V2.

What does “Component Unfit” mean?
See Error: Component Unfit

I can no longer access the GUI. What should I do?
Check your network connection and clear your browser cache. Ensure you are using the correct IP address. If the problem persists, reboot the CMM. If rebooting the CMM does not restore functionality, and you have a serial cable, see "Cannot log in to CMM".

My serial cable doesn't work trying to log in to the CMM. What should I do?
The serial cable or USB to serial cable must be a fully populated straight through cable. Specifically it must allow the host PC to assert the CTS pin on the CMM. If such a cable is not used, it cannot be detected by the CMM, and no EBF prompt will be shown.

If I reboot the CMM, will the other system components continue to operate normally?
Yes. Rebooting or replacing the CMM leaves all other components in their current state. Components cannot be powered on or off, or otherwise managed, while the CMM is rebooting, and any KVM sessions will be lost until the CMM has rebooted.

If I reset the CMM to defaults, will I lose my configuration and storage details?
You will not lose network settings or the current administrator password, if you reset from the GUI by clicking on “Restore Settings” at the bottom of the left hand menu, and leave the default options selected. You may use the Intel® Advanced Management Pack to back up a good copy of the system configuration when the system is healthy.

How can I tell if my CMM is defective?
Reset the CMM through the serial port, and monitor the boot process through your terminal program. If you see the CMM EBF> prompt, then the CMM has booted successfully, and does not need to be replaced. Continue watching the boot process and scan for any errors. Save the output from the terminal program and contact support for assistance.

Where are other configuration details stored?
The midplane contains an SD card which contains configuration details for the CMM, the ESM (Ethernet Switch Module), e-mail notification, time server, feature keys and the latest firmware file. Storage data is kept as metadata on the hard drives themselves, so that the storage does not have to be reconfigured in case of a SCM replacement.

Can the UFU firmware update be scheduled?
The UFU firmware update to CMM, Ethernet Switch, Storage Controller, and Compute Module must be done manually.

Does Internet Explorer 8* work with the GUI and the CMM?
Yes. This browser is supported, as is Mozilla Firefox* 3.x. Please check the Tested Hardware and Operating System List (THOL) for possible exceptions, depending on the operating system.

Does the CMM have an operating system?
The CMM has a Linux* based operating system. The CMM will load local code up to the time when it reaches the EBF> prompt. The remaining OS will be loaded from the SD card on the midplane.

Are there any rules for the administrator password?
The administrator password can be between 5 and 10 alphanumeric characters, and must start with a letter.

What does "Modular Server Control" mean?
Modular Server Control is the name of the graphical user interface (GUI).