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Goepel Electronics provides software and hardware products for advanced IEEE Standard 1149.x (JTAG) boundary-scan solutions. Products include the award winning SCANFLEX hardware platform and the integrated development environment SYSTEM CASCON™ for standard and extended JTAG/boundary-scan test (BST) and in-system applications.


  • Development of text and in-system programming (ISP) applications, including automated control of scan router devices
  • Execution of tests and ISP applications on board and system-level products
  • Debugging tools for device, board, and system-level applications
  • Boundary-scan description language (BSDL) verification
  • BST and ISP access throughout the product life cycle
  • Support for mixed-signal test applications
  • High performance in-system programming of devices such as PLD, FPGA, FLASH, and serial EEPROM

Extended JTAG/BST and ISP Throughout the Product-Life-Cycle

Goepel Electronics' SYSTEM CASCON software suite provides the industry's most comprehensive feature set, including intelligent automated test pattern generation and diagnostics tools. The performance of a JTAG/boundary-scan system is defined primarily by the capabilities and architecture of the software used. As the first vendor worldwide, Goepel Electronics developed an integrated boundary-scan workbench development environment in 1991, known as SYSTEM CASCON. This unique boundary-scan workbench has continuously been improved with new intelligent tools and innovative new software features. Today, in its fourth generation, SYSTEM CASCON has acclaimed the status of an open graphical boundary-scan operation system with special features extending the test coverage across the complete unit under test.

SYSTEM CASCON also supports Intel's USB-Blaster™ and ByteBlaster™ download cables as native boundary-scan controllers, allowing you to reuse these devices to execute boundary-scan test procedures. You can also use USB-Blaster and ByteBlaster download cables to program FLASH devices in-system and configure Intel® FPGAs using the Jam™ Standard Test and Programming Language (STAPL), JEDEC standard JESD-71, simple vector format (SVF) specification, or IEEE-Std. 1532 specification. SYSTEM CASCON software automatically supports boundary-scan chain designs with multi-drop devices, including all scan router devices by Firecon, National Semiconductor, and Texas Instruments.

Goepel's SCANFLEX is a revolutionary new hardware platform, created to enable extended JTAG/BST and ISP solutions, taking full advantage of the technical potential provided by today's and tomorrow's standards. SCANFLEX excels when it comes to speed, flexibility, and modularity of a JTAG/BST system. It does not stop there, adding new capabilities for analog and mixed-signal test not found in competitive products.

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