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N3000 Example Design Compilation Error: Fatal Error: Segment Violation at (nil)


  • Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition
  • Intel® Acceleration Stack for Intel® FPGA PAC N3000 - Development IAS-N3000-Development

    Due to a problem in the Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition Software version 19.2, you may get fatal errors as below when compiling N3000 PAC card AFU example design in Quartus 19.2 build 57 with patch 0.01vc:

    *** Fatal Error: Segment Violationat (nil)

    Module: quartus_sta

    Stack Trace:

       0x508df1: STA_TQ2_PATH_FINDER::get_next_worst_path() + 0x2b1 (tsm_sta)

       0x508127: STA_TQ2_PATH_FINDER::find_paths(bool, bool, bool) + 0x1d7 (tsm_sta)

       0x4a320a: construct_path_finder_from_params(STA_REPORT_TIMING_TCL_PARAMETERS&, STA_REPORT_TIMING_PARAMETERS&, char const*) + 0x49a (tsm_sta)

       0x4a1321: sta_report_timing + 0xcf1 (tsm_sta)

        0x4c942: TclNRRunCallbacks + 0x42 (tcl8.6)

        0x4de7b: TclEvalEx +0x68b (tcl8.6)

        0x4e496: Tcl_EvalEx +0x16 (tcl8.6)

        0x4e4bd: Tcl_Eval +0x1d (tcl8.6)

        0x1d65a: atcl_tcl_eval(Tcl_Interp*, std::string const&) + 0xea (ccl_atcl)

       0x1e8ca9: STA_REPORT_DDR_DB::create_rdb_object() [clone .cold.502] + 0x34d (tsm_sta)

       0x4bf55b: STA_REPORT_MGR_IMPL::create_rdb_object(std::string const&, STA_REPORT_FACTORY*, RDB_FOLDER_OBJECT*, bool, bool) + 0x3b (tsm_sta)

       0x4a495c: STA_REPORT_COMMAND_DB::report_to_panel(STA_REPORT_MGR*) + 0x5c (tsm_sta)

       0x4be7d4: STA_REPORT_WRITER::generate_report(STA_REPORT_FACTORY*, STA_REPORT_MGR*) + 0x44 (tsm_sta)

       0x4a47f1: sta_report_ddr + 0x221 (tsm_sta)

        0x47ea9: TclInvokeStringCommand + 0x89 (tcl8.6)

        0x4c942: TclNRRunCallbacks + 0x42 (tcl8.6)

        0x4de7b: TclEvalEx + 0x68b (tcl8.6)

        0xf3f0e: Tcl_FSEvalFileEx + 0x25e (tcl8.6)

        0xf3ffe: Tcl_EvalFile + 0x2e (tcl8.6)

        0x14167: qexe_evaluate_tcl_script(std::string const&) + 0x36c (comp_qexe)

        0x1928c: qexe_do_tcl(QEXE_FRAMEWORK*, std::string const&, std::string const&, std::list<std::string, std::allocator > const&, bool, bool) + 0x417 (comp_qexe)

        0x1a213: qexe_run_tcl_option(QEXE_FRAMEWORK*, char const*, std::list<std::string, std::allocator >*, bool) + 0x558 (comp_qexe)

        0x395e7: QCU::DETAIL::intialise_qhd_and_run_qexe(QCU_FRAMEWORK&, FIO_PATH const&, std::string const&, std::string const&, char const*, std::list<std::string, std::allocator >*, bool) + 0xe1 (comp_qcu)

        0x41eea: qcu_run_tcl_option(QCU_FRAMEWORK*, char const*, std::list<std::string, std::allocator >*, bool) + 0x259 (comp_qcu)

        0x1cdfd: qexe_standard_main(QEXE_FRAMEWORK*, QEXE_OPTION_DEFINITION const**, int, char const**) + 0x5c5 (comp_qexe)

       0x41a7cb: qsta_main(int, char const**) + 0xab (quartus_sta)

        0x3ebd0: msg_main_thread(void*) + 0x10 (ccl_msg)

        0x40de4: msg_thread_wrapper(void* (*)(void*), void*) + 0x6e (ccl_msg)

        0x11bec: mem_thread_wrapper(void* (*)(void*), void*) + 0x5c (ccl_mem)

         0xc2ee: err_thread_wrapper(void* (*)(void*), void*) + 0x27 (ccl_err)

         0x6c25: thr_thread_wrapper + 0x15 (ccl_thr)

        0x41930: msg_exe_main(int, char const**, int (*)(int, char const**)) + 0x148 (ccl_msg)

        0x22555: __libc_start_main + 0xf5 (c)






    Executable: quartus




    System Information

    Platform: linux64

    OS name: CentOS Linux

    OS version: 7


    Quartus Prime Information

    Address bits: 64

    Version: 19.2.0

    Build: 57

    Edition: Pro Edition


    To work around this problem you may try different SEED number when making. Or contact mySupport to request a patch file.

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