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Are there any known issues with the DDR & DDR2 High-Performance Controller MegaCore function or the ALTMEMPHY megafunction that can cause hardware failures?



Yes, there is a problem with the ALTMEMPHY megafunction in the Quartus® II software and the DDR & DDR2 High-Performance Controller MegaCore® function (all versions 8.1 and before) in full rate mode and DQS-based capture.

This problem in the ALTMEMPHY IP could lead to intermittent read failure after calibration, which can cause hardware failures in the megafunction’s supported devices including Stratix® II, Stratix II GX, Stratix III, Cyclone® III, Arria® GX, and Hardcopy®series devices.

This problem is more likely to be seen at lower frequency.

The problem is unlikely to be seen in functional simulation unless the precise failure mode is duplicated in a simulation environment.

The problem is caused by the ALTMEMPHY sequencer when the sequencer always sees valid calibration data at every resynchronisation clock phase on the highest index DQ pin of the interface.

This problem is not due to any hardware issues.

Your design is affected by this problem if it uses one of the following memory functions:

  • DDR & DDR2 SDRAM High-Performance Controller MegaCore function any version before 9.0 in full rate mode and DQS-base capture
  • ALTMEMPHY Megafunction any version 8.1 and beforein full rate mode and DQS-base capture

This problemwill befixed in the futureQuartus II software version.

You should install the Quartus II software patch before you take your design to production.

For additional Info please contact your local FAE.

Version 8.1

For version 8.1 of the Quartus II software and MegaCore IP Library, follow these steps to fix the problem:

1. Install patch 0.29 listed below for the Quartus II software version 8.1.

2. Recompile your design.

Note that you must apply the corresponding patch to both the Quartus II software and the MegaCore IP Library to fix this problem.




Software Version 8.1

Patch Download File



Quartus IIsoftware

PC Patch


Quartus IIsoftware

Linux Patch



















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