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Why doesn't the JTAG feature on my EPF8282 device work properly?


Description If the JTAG feature on a particular device is not functioning correctly,      
check the following configuration schemes:                                    
    • Ensure that JTAG support is correctly set in MAX PLUS II by performing    
      the following steps:
      1. Choose Global Project Device Options (Assign menu).                    
      2. Turn on the Enable JTAG Support option.                                
      3. Choose OK.
      • Ensure that you have driven the correct JTAG pins at the correct logic    
      If your options and pin values are correctly set, your EPF8282 device may     
      have a faulty JTAG interface. The JTAG interface fails in 1% to 2% of EPF8282 
      devices with date codes earlier than x9512. Faulty JTAG registers will not    
      pass any data through the JTAG chain, but will remain low.                    
      JTAG capability was not verified on EPF8282 devices with date codes earlier   
      than x9512, where x is any letter. The date code is marked on top of the      
      device. For example, a device manufactured during the 8th week of 1997 will   
      have the date code x9708. Any device with a date code later then x9512 is     
      screened for JTAG capability, verifying that the JTAG feature functions       
      You can exchange EPF8282 devices with date codes prior to x9512 that have a   
      faulty JTAG interface by calling Altera Customer Service at (408) 544-7104. 

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