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Can I reprogram the volatile key when the tamper-protection bit is set, if the volatile key was erased in Arria II GX devices?


  • Quartus® II Subscription Edition

    Yes, you can use the command-line below to reprogram the volatile key in Arria® II GX devices:


    quartus_jli –c<n> single_ekp.jam –aKEY_CONFIGURE


    (where <n> is the port number returned with the -n option)

    If the device security mode was volatile key with tamper-protection bit set and the volatile key was erased, then you must use the volatile key without the tamper-protection bit set to reprogram the volatile key.


    The Arria II GX device will not accept an unencrypted or encrypted configuration file if the volatile key is erased and the tamper protection bit is set.


    Quartus® II software version 9.1 is not able to reprogram the volatile key, after it has been erased, if the device security mode is volatile key with tamper-protection bit set.  This does not affect volatile key programming in Quartus II software version 9.1 if the Arria II GX device security mode is volatile key with no tamper-protection bit set.


    Resolution This will is fixed in the Quartus II software version 9.1SP1.

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