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What are the differences between the EPF10K50E and EPF10K200E devices and the EPF10K50S and EPF10K200S devices?



The EPF10K50S and EPF10K200S devices are part of the FLEX® 10KE family of devices, but have the following differences from the EPF10K50E and EPF10K200E devices:



  • The programmable input delay feature is available on the EPF10K50S and the EPF10K200S devices, but not on the EPF10K50E or the EPF10K200E devices.

  • Phase-locked loop (PLL) versions of the EPF10K50S and EPF10K200S devices are fully available and supported. The EPF10K50E device is not offered with a PLL, and only 'ES' versions of the EPF10K200E are available with a PLL.

  • Three additional EPF10K200S device packages are available that are not available in the EPF10K200E device.

The EPF10K30E, EPF10K100E, and EPF10K130E devices have the same additional features as the EPF10K50S and EPF10K200S devices. Therefore, there is no need to introduce 'S' versions of these parts. For more information about the FLEX 10KE family, refer to the FLEX 10KE Embedded Programmable Logic Family Data Sheet.

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