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Do Cyclone IV GX devices support 1.4V PCML I/O standard?



Cyclone® IV GX devices are compatible with the 1.4V PCML I/O standard on the receivers. 

The only acceptable I/O standard for the transmitters is 1.5V PCML. 

The Quartus® II software allows you to select 1.4V PCML on the transmitters up to version 10.1.  The actual I/O standard that is implemented is 1.5V PCML, there is no difference in the transceiver configuration when either 1.4V or 1.5V PCML is selected as the I/O standard.

Beginning with the Quartus II software version 10.1 SP1 a fitter error will be generated if 1.4V PCML is selected as the I/O standard for the transmitters.  Here is an example of the fitter error:

Error: One or more transceiver atoms cannot be placed 
  Error: Can't place GXB channel related atom(s)
  Error: Can't assign GXB Receiver channel PMA "<component name>" to <location> because this causes failure in the placement of the other atoms in its associated channel
   Error: Pin <pin number> does not support I/O standard 1.4-V PCML for <output signal name>

To avoid placement errors, select 1.5V PCML as the I/O standard in your project. 

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