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Critical Warning: <slave_DDRx_instance_name>_pin_map.tcl: Failed to find PLL clock for pins mem_if|controller_phy_inst|memphy_top_inst|umemphy|uread_datapath|read_valid_predict[0].qvld_rd_address[0]



You will get the warning mentioned above in Quartus® II software version 10.0SP1 and earlier if you have instantited <instance_name>_example_top.v for master and slave UniPHY controllers in your design.

pll_dqs_ena_clk signal is missing in both master and slave <instance_name>_example_top.v and this will cause the critical warning in fitter report.

To avoid the above mentioned critical warning, you should add pll_dqs_ena_clk port to the <instance_name> instantiated in the <instance_name>_example_top.v files for both master and slave module.

For example, in top level design add the port pll_dqs_ena_clk as shown below:

ddr2 mem_if (


// when PHY is the PLL/DLL master, these will be outputs that can be shared with other components of the chip

// when PHY is the PLL/DLL slave, these will be inputs from the PLL/DLL instantiations below

.pll_afi_clk (pll_afi_clk),

.pll_addr_cmd_clk (pll_addr_cmd_clk),

.pll_dqs_ena_clk (pll_dqs_ena_clk), //added

.pll_mem_clk (pll_mem_clk),

.pll_write_clk (pll_write_clk),

.pll_avl_clk (pll_avl_clk),

.pll_config_clk (pll_config_clk),

.pll_locked (pll_locked),

.dll_delayctrl (dll_delayctrl),




This issue has been fixed in Quartus II software version 10.1.

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