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Can I cascade Cyclone® FPGAs with non-Cyclone FPGAs when using the Active Serial configuration scheme (with serial configuration devices)?


Description Yes, Cyclone FPGAs can be cascaded in an Active Serial (AS) configuration chain with other Altera FPGA devices that support AS mode.

No. You cannot cascade Cyclone FPGAs with non-Cyclone FPGAs that don't support the AS configuration scheme (e.g., ACEX® 1K, APEX, and Mercury FPGAs) with Cyclone devices when using the AS configuration scheme (with serial configuration devices).

Also multiple Cyclone FPGAs can be cascaded and configured using serial configuration device. The first device in the AS chain will be set to AS mode and subsequent devices are set to be in PS mode. For more information, refer to the Configuring Cyclone FPGAs chapter of the Configuration Handbook.

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