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Higher Power Supply Current During Power-Up for VCCPD


  • Quartus® II Subscription Edition

    Critical Issue


    HardCopy IV E and HardCopy III devices require higher power-up current levels for the VCCPD power supply than previously specified. The Quartus® II software and PowerPlay Early Power Estimator (EPE) version 9.1SP2 and later versions correctly show the VCCPD power-on current for production devices.

    HardCopy IV E and HardCopy III functionality is not affected by this issue, even if your VCCPD power supply is designed with output current levels below what the Quartus II software and/or EPE specify. HardCopy IV E and HardCopy III devices will power-up and operate correctly as expected, provided the supplies power up monotonically and the minimum voltage requirement is met. VCCPD must meet the minimum power supply voltage requirement for the device to exit power-on reset (POR). After the device exits POR, the VCCPD current requirements return to what is reported by Altera’s power estimation tools. Overall thermal power and operating current levels are not affected by this issue.


    If there are other devices on the board that share the VCCPD power supply, you can use the Quartus II software and/or the EPE to estimate power supply current requirements. This analysis may be needed if the other devices on the board have stringent power supply integrity requirements.

    There is no planned fix for the higher power-up current requirements.

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