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Error: PLL "pll" uses test-only parameter self_reset_on_gated_loss_lock, but parameter must be used only in test mode



You will see this error beginning in Quartus® II version 7.0 when you have a PLL instantiated in your design using the self reset feature upon loss of lock.  This feature was supported in Quartus II 6.1 but does not work correctly, thus the support was removed in all versions of Quartus II software after version 6.1.  Please refer to the Stratix® II Errata Sheet or the Quartus II Version 7.0 Device Support Release Notes for further details regarding the removal of support for this feature.

To work around this error in the Quartus II software, open the PLL file in the MegaWizard® Plug-In Manager.  Once the MegaWizard GUI is open, you can select "Finish" without the requirement to make any other changes to the PLL.  The PLL wrapper file will be re-generated without the "self-reset" option and will be able to successfully compile. 

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