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Is it possible to use the remote system upgrade feature in Stratix II devices to address the entire memory space of the EPCS128 configuration device?



No, it is not possible to address the entire EPCS128 configuration device memory space when using the remote system upgrade feature in Stratix® II devices. When implementing remote system upgrade with Active Serial (AS) configuration in Stratix II and Stratix II GX devices, the remote system update circuitry page start address register is "StAdd[23..0] = {1'b0, PGM[6..0], 16'b0}". The PGM [6..0] registers form bits [22..16] of the 24-bit start address while the other 17 bits are set to zero.


Since the MSB address register, bit 23 is always set to 0, the start address of application image needs to set be below 24h’7FFFFF or else the FPGA will not boot up from the application image correctly. In summary you can only utilize the first 32 sectors of the EPCS128 device as configuration addresses.


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