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Statistics Counters Issues


  • Quartus® II Subscription Edition
  • Ethernet

    Critical Issue


    Statistic counters are registers that collect statistics on the transmit and receive datapaths in the MAC function. When statistics counters are enabled in any MAC variant, you may observe these issues in various configurations:

    • ifOutUcastPkts and ifOutBroadcastPkts do not increase when the MAC function transmits erroneous unicast and broadcast frames.
    • aFramesReceivedOK does not increase when the MAC function in 10/100-Mbps variation receives a pause frame.
    • ifInBroadcastPkts increases when the MAC function in 1000-Mbps variation receives a pause frame.
    • aOctetsReceivedOK and etherStatsUndersizePkts do not count the length of pause frame when you disable the pause frame forwarding on receive.
    • ifOutErrors, ifOutUcastPkts, ifOutMulticastPkts and sifOutBroadcastPkts do not count the flushed packets when late collision or excessive collision occurs.
    • aFramesReceivedOK, aOtetsReceivedOK, etherStatsOctets, etherStatsPkts and etherStatsPkts64Octets count an extra frame when the MAC function receives a pause frame.
    • aFrameReceivedOK and etherStatsUndersizePkts increase by 1 when the MAC function receives magic packet and wakes up. These statistics counters should not increase in sleep mode.
    • All statistics counters operate in normal mode when the MAC function operates in sleep mode.

    This issue affects all designs that contain MAC function with SGMII PCS.


    No workaround.This issue is fixed in version 11.0 of the Triple Speed Ethernet MegaCore function.



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