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Error (16575): The Incremental Route SignalTap II flow has failed. Rerun Synthesis and try again.


  • Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition

    An error occurs in the Quartus® Prime Pro Edition software when the SignalTap II Logic Analyzer points to hpaths that are not part of your current design. This situation might occur if an SignalTap II instance belongs to a different design project, or if the instance is corrupted and contains only invalid pre-synthesis taps.


    Prior to running the SignalTap II Logic Analyzer, assess the validity of the taps in each SignalTap II instance that you enable. Alternatively, you can change some of the pre-synthesis taps to post-fit taps. Note that if you change invalid pre-synthesis taps into post-fit taps, the SignalTap II Logic Analyzer will fail to tap the specified nodes.

    To prevent the error from occuring, perform the following tasks in the specified order:

    1. Run Analysis & Synthesis. You may run Analysis & Synthesis from the GUI or at the command line using the quartus_syn <project name> executable.
    2. Open the SignalTap II Logic Analyzer GUI, select the Find Node menu option, and then add pre-synthesis taps.

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