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Cyclone III Pin Connection Guidelines: Known Issues




Issue 137246: Version 1.1


If the JTAG connections are not used, you need to connect the TCK to GND, TDI and TMS pin to VCC.

Issue 132325: Version 1.1

The pin connection guidelines for MSEL[0..3]  incorrectly state these pins are internally connected to 5-K. resistor to GND.  The correct internal resistor is 9- K..


Issue 110148:  Version 1.1


The pin connection guidelines for TDI and TMS state these pins should be connected to VCC when disabling JTAG.  The proper VCC connection is described below:


1) 2.5V/3.0V/3.3V configuration voltage standards, the VCC refers to VCCA.
2) 1.5V/1.8V configuration voltage standards, the VCC refers to the VCCIO supply of the bank in which the JTAG pins reside.

Issue 10001979, Version 1.0

The Cyclone® III Pin Connection Guidelines is missing information on the DATA[7..2] pins. The information that will be added can be found in the Configuring Cyclone III Devices (PDF) Chapter of the Cyclone III Handbook on Table 10-20.

Issue 10006679, Version 1.1

The Cyclone III Pin Connection Guidelines has information on a RDY pin but this pin is not available and is already removed from the Cyclone III pinouts. This pin will be removed from a future version of the Cyclone III Pin Connection Guidelines.

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