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Error (132003): Run Analysis and Synthesis (quartus_map) with top-level entity name before running the current Quartus II software



When you run the Altera_fPLL_Usage_Evaluation_Tool you may see this error message. 


Here are some possible reasons:

1. The project is not compiled. 

2. There is an issue with the project name.

         a) typo in the project name

         b) project name is not the same as top level name

3. You did not run the script in the project folder.


1. Ensure that the project is compiled (including synthesis, fitter, and timing analysis).

2. Ensure the project name is typed correctly:

  a) identical with the top level name or

         b) use the -revision option to specify the top level name of the project.

3. Run the tcl script in the project folder or type the full directory path of the project.

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