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Error (10228): Verilog HDL error at lvds_rx_lvds_rx.v(49): module "lvds_rx_accum" cannot be declared more than once


  • Quartus® II Subscription Edition

    You may see this error in the Quartus® II software versions 13.1 and later when implementing the ALTLVDS_RX IP with external Altera_PLL and Dynamic Phase Alignment (DPA) enabled with more than two channels in Arria® V devices. 


    To work around this, first, complete the steps for implementing ALTLVDS_RX and ALTLVDS_TX with external PLL mode as described in the related solutions.

    Then, after running Analysis and Synthesis in the Quartus II software, copy the lvds_rx_lvds_rx module from the contents of the file db/lvds_rx_lvds_rx.v into the lvds_rx.v file.
    This will add the module lvds_rx_lvds_rx into the lvds_rx.v file.

    Ensure all occurrences of rx_dpaclock is 8 bits and all connections of rx_dpaclock are correct.

    For example,
    instead of:

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