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Can the EPCS128 serial configuration device be used to configure Stratix IV EP4SE530 and EP4SGX530 devices?



Yes, the EPCS128 serial configuration device can be used to configure Stratix® IV EP4SE530 and EP4SGX530 devices provided the compression feature is turned on in Quartus® II software.


The rbf file size for the EP4SGX530 and EP4SE530 is 21,465,258 Bytes obtained from Quartus II software version 9.0 which is equivalent to:


(21,465,258 x 8) / (1,000,000 ) = 172Mbits


Meanwhile, the memory size for EPCS128 is:


134,217,728 bits = 134.2Mbits


The compression feature can reduce the size of the rbf bitstream by ~35 - 55% which can be varied according to the design application. The calculation to obtain the minimum compression % for a 4SGX/E530 device to fit into an EPCS128 device is:


(172M – 134.2M) / 172M = 22%


As this value is less than the worst case compression of ~35%, it is expected that the EP4SGX530 device and EP4SE530 device can fit into the EPCS128 device provided that the compression feature is enabled in Quartus II software.


For more information about the compression feature for Stratix IV devices, refer to the Configuring Stratix IV Devices (PDF) for details.


This information supercedes the rbf file size specification given in version 2.2 of Configuring Stratix IV Devices (PDF).  Also note, version 3.2 of Serial Configuration Devices (EPCS1, EPCS4, EPCS16, EPCS64, and EPCS128) Data Sheet (PDF) incorrectly states the EPCS128 is not supported for the EP4SGX530 and EP4SE530 devices.

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