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RapidIO Parameter Editor Does Not Warn That Small Cyclone IV GX Devices Are Not Supported


  • Quartus® II Subscription Edition

    Critical Issue


    The RapidIO MegaCore function device support for Cyclone IV GX devices includes only the EP4CGX50, EP4CGX75, EP4CGX110, and EP4CGX150 devices. This restriction is not explained in the RapidIO MegaCore Function User Guide. In addition, the RapidIO parameter editor does not enforce this restriction: if you specify another Cyclone IV GX device or allow the Quartus II software to automatically determine the device, RapidIO MegaCore function generation proceeds with no warning, but compilation fails.

    This issue affects all RapidIO variations that target a Cyclone IV GX device, if the specific device automatically determined by the Quartus II software, or is an EP4CGX15, EP4CGX22, or EP4CGX30 device.

    These RapidIO variations do not compile successfully.


    To avoid this issue, target your Cyclone IV GX RapidIO MegaCore function to an EP4CGX50, EP4CGX75, EP4CGX110, or EP4CGX150 device.

    This restriction is clarified in version 10.1 of the RapidIO MegaCore Function User Guide. However, the RapidIO parameter editor does not warn you about this issue.

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