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Are there any issues with the RLDRAM II Controller in Quartus II software version 8.1?


Description Yes, there is an issue with RLDRAM II Controller Verilog design in Quartus® II software version 8.1. Your design will not work in hardware or simulation if you generate a Verilog instance of the RLDRAM II Controller version 8.1.

The issue affects all Verilog configurations. VHDL designs are not affected.

If you require a Verilog instance of the RLDRAM II Controller, then two workarounds exist, as described below.

1. Continue to use your existing version 8.0 instance.

2. If you choose to update your existing instance, or if you do not have a version 8.0 instance, follow these steps to make the RLDRAM II Controller behave correctly.  Edit the following files to change all instances of the line

else if (0)


else if (1)

<variation name>_auk_rldramii_addr_cmd_reg.v

<variation name>_auk_rldramii_dqs_group.v

<variation name>_auk_rldramii_pipeline_addr_cmd.v

<variation name>_auk_rldramii_pipeline_qvld.v

<variation name>_auk_rldramii_pipeline_rdata.v

<variation name>_auk_rldramii_pipeline_wdata.v

Some files may only require editing if pipeline option is enabled in your RLDRAM II Controller variation.

This issue will be fixed in future version of RLDRAM II Controller.

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