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How can I create a Raw Programming Data file for remote update of a specific CFM location in MAX 10 devices?



In the Quartus® II software version 14.1 and later, you can create a Raw Programming Data file (RPD) to use for remote update of the flash memory in the MAX® 10 device.
This file can be created in the Convert Programming Files utility, when generating a POF file from the compilation generated SOF file.

The RPD file will include data for the Initialization Configuration Bits (ICB), User Flash Memory (UFM) and Configuration Flash Memory (CFM) locations. A memory map file is also generated which indicates the start address and end address for each location.

Resolution To create a RPD file that only contains data for a particular CFM location, simply reference the memory map file and edit the RPD file by removing the data up to the start address of the target CFM location and after the end address of the target CFM location.

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