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How can the memory capacity of a HiLo board fitted with Micron* parts be determined?



HiLo boards are shipped with Intel® Development Kits but the board name doesn't indicate the memory capacity. DDR3 and DDR4 HiLo boards are fitted with five memory devices of x16 data width configuration. One is used for ECC and four are used for data storage.


For DDR3 and DDR4 HiLo boards fitted with Micron* memory devices, the steps to determine the memory capacity are shown below:

  1. Find the 5 character FBGA code on a DDR memory device on the HiLo board.
  2. Enter this 5 character FBGA code on the Micron* website FBGA and Component Marking Decoder to find the part number.
  3. Open the Micron* DDR data sheet of the part number and find the memory capacity in Gbit.
  4. The memory capacity of the HiLo board is 4x the DDR part capacity.
For example:  A DDR4 HiLo board has a Micron* DDR4 part fitted with code D9TNZ which is an 8Gbit part MT40A512M16JY-075E:B. This HiLo board has 32Gbit of data memory which is 4 GBytes.