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How can I estimate power for Serial RapidIO in the Stratix IV device Early Power Estimator (EPE) version 9.1?



The Stratix® IV device EPE version 9.1 does not allow you to select a data rate above 3125Mbps for the Serial RapidIO (SRIO) protocol.  The Stratix IV device family supports up to 5000Mbps for SRIO.

As a workaround, you can use a newer version of the EPE.  If you must use version 9.1, you can change the protocol to "Basic", select a VCCA voltage of 3.0V, and then enter 5000Mbps as the data rate. 

You can create your design in the Quartus® II software and then select "Generate PowerPlay Early Power Estimator File" from the Project menu.  Import this file to the EPE, and then make the suggested changes for the SRIO modules.  By creating the design in the Quartus II software, all of the SRIO functional blocks will be accounted for in the device resources for your power estimation.

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