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How can I find timing information on a specific pin/path in a large Quartus® II timing analysis report?


  • Quartus® II Subscription Edition

    You can report the timing information for pins or registered paths in the Quartus II Classic Timing Analyzer report using a report timing command as described in Method 1 below. If the timing information of interest appears in the timing analysis report, you can use a list path command as described in Method 2 below. If the path does not appear in the timing report, you must increase the number of rows in the report if you want to use Method 2.


    For more information about Tcl commands and command-line operation, refer to the Quartus II Scripting Reference Manual.pdf.

    Method 1 - Use a report timing command:

    You can use the report_timing Tcl command as shown in the following example my_script.tcl. This command does not depend on the information in the current timing analysis report file.

    # my_script.tcl
    project_open <revision name>
    create_timing_netlist -skip_dat
    report_timing -tco -to <pin name>
    delete_timing_netlist  project_close

    Run this script with the quartus_tan command, as follows:

    quartus_tan -t my_script.tcl

    Method 2 - Use a list path command:

    In the Quartus II software beginning with version 3.0, you can use the list_path Tcl command. Use the list_path TCL command in the TCL console as shown in the following example:

    list_path -to <pin name> -tco

    In the Quartus II software beginning with version 5.1, you can use the graphical user interface. On the Tools menu, click Advanced List Paths. Enter appropriate information for the pin/path and click List Paths.

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