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Warning: No exact pin location assignment(s) for X pins of Y total pins Info: Pin termination_blk0~_rup not assigned to an exact location on the device Info: Pin termination_blk0~_rdn not assigned to an exact location on the device



When using calibrated On Chip Termination (OCT) in Stratix® II and Stratix II GX devices, you will receive this warning when using Quartus® II software version 6.1 and above. 

Stratix III devices have a different OCT calibration circuit than Stratix II devices and were first supported in Quartus II software version 6.1.  In Stratix III devices, I/O pins can use different OCT calibration blocks and must be assigned appropriately. 

Stratix II devices have two OCT calibration blocks, one for the top I/O banks and one for the bottom I/O banks.  The Quartus II software will automatically use the correct OCT calibration blocks for Stratix II devices. 

These warnings can be safely ignored for Stratix II designs. 

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