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How do I program MAX® II, MAX® V, or Intel® MAX 10 devices with the real-time ISP feature using the quartus_jli command?



You can use a JAM STAPL Format File (.jam) file or Jam Byte Code (.jbc) file with the quartus_jli command to program a MAX® II, MAX® V, or Intel® MAX® 10 device with real-time ISP feature.


To create a Jam or JBC file, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Programmer under the Tools menu in the Intel® Quartus® Prime Software, or start the stand-alone Programmer.
  2. Display the JTAG chain of your devices by clicking Auto Detect, opening the Chain Description File (.cdf) file or adding devices manually.
  3. Add your target Programmer Object File (.pof) to the MAX II, MAX V, or Intel MAX 10 device to program.
  4. For Intel MAX 10 devices, ensure the Enable real-time ISP to allow background programming when available option is selected.
  5. Choose Create JAM, JBC, SVF or ISC file under the File menu.
  6. Type a file name and a file path to store in File name box.
  7. Choose JEDEC STAPL Format (.jam) or Jam STAPL Byte Code 2.0 (.jbc) from the File format list.
  8. Click OK.

To program the MAX II, MAX V, or Intel MAX 10 device using the Jam or JBC file with real-time ISP feature using quartus_jli, use the following commands respectively:

For Jam file
  quartus_jli -aPROGRAM --enable=DO_REAL_TIME_ISP <file name>.jam

For JBC file
  quartus_jli -aPROGRAM --enable=DO_REAL_TIME_ISP <file name>.jbc