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In what applications can the Stratix™ real-time phase-locked loop (PLL) reconfiguration feature be used?</P>


  • PLL
    Description The PLL reconfiguration feature is useful in applications that might operate at different frequencies and/or switch between multiple I/O standards and proctocols.

    The PLL feature is also useful in prototyping environments where a designer could easily sweep PLL output frequencies and adjust clock delay. For instance, a system generating test patterns might be required to generate and transmit patterns at 50 MHz or 100 MHz, depending on the unit under test. Real-time reconfiguration of PLL components allows system designers to switch between two such output frequencies within 20 ms. Designers could also use this feature to adjust clock-to-out (tco) delays in real time by changing output clock delay. This approach eliminates the need both to regenerate a programming file with the new PLL settings and to reconfigure the entire device.

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