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How do I configure the Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro software to use an Intel Enpirion® EM22x device as a SmartVID Power Management Controller for Intel Stratix® 10 devices?


  • Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition

    Intel® Enpirion® EM2260 / EM22xx parts can be used as Power Management Controllers for SmartVID enabled variants of Intel Stratix® 10 devices. Follow the instructions below to configure the Intel Quartus® Prime Pro software for this use case.


    In the Device and Pin Options dialog box in Intel Quartus Prime Pro Software, under Power management and VID tab select :

    • Bus Speed mode : 100 KHz / 400 KHz
    • Slave Device type : Other
    • PMbus Device X Slave address : Set the PMbus address in hex without the '0x' prefix
    • Voltage Output format : Linear
      • Intel Enpirion devices only support Linear mode
      • If Auto Discovery is selected, set the direct coefficients m/b/r to 0
    • Linear format N : -13
    • Translated voltage value unit : Volts
    • Enable PAGE command : Leave this disabled (Default) 
      • Intel Enpirion devices do not support PAGE command

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