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Does the change to the Intel® Arria® 10 VCCPT power model, described in Intel® Customer Advisory ADV1910, apply to all designs that are implemented in the devices listed in ADV1910?


  • Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition

    Intel® Customer Advisory ADV1910 indicates that the Intel® Arria® 10 power model for power supply VCCPT was updated in the Intel® Arria® 10 Device Early Power Estimator (EPE) tool version 19.3. This change only applies to some of the designs implemented in these devices. To determine if your design is impacted, estimate the device power using the Early Power Estimator (EPE) tool version 19.3 or later, and determine if VCCPT power matches your previous EPE estimate. If it does, then your design is not affected. The best estimate of VCCPT power is shown in the Early Power Estimator (EPE) tool version 19.3 and later.

    Refer to ADV 1910 Power Model Update to Selected Intel® Arria® 10 Devices (PDF)

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