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Why the AnF bit of control register in remote configuration block doesn't set to "1" when the Stratix or Stratix II device is configured with the application image?


Description In Remote update mode:

In this mode, the AnF bit will be "0" and doesn't automatically change to "1" although the current configuration
is changed to application page. This will explain why user will see the AnF bit remains a logic "0" although the
configuration is in application page. If user wants to make use of this AnF bit, user will need to shift a "1" into the
AnF bit similar to shifting the PGM bits. If user does not change the AnF bit, it will always remain "0" in this mode.

In Local update mode:

AnF bit will automatically show whether the current configuration is a Factory configuration or Application
configuration. If the device is in Application configuration, then the AnF bit is automatically set to "1". In contrast,
if the device is in Factory configuration during LOCAL UPDATE mode, then the AnF bit is automatically updated to "0".

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