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How to setup Qsys PCIe 4G address translation page


  • Quartus® II Subscription Edition
    Description If a single 4GB page is used (Fixed A2P translation table), then:
    1. For 32-bit addressing the full 32-bit Avalon-MM address is the actual PCIe host address. Please leave the value in the Address translation table of the lower 32bit to default value of 0.
    2. For 64-bit addressing, the full 32-bit Avalon-MM address is the lower 32-bit PCIe address, and the upper 32-bit PCIe host address is set by user in the GUI.
    User sets 64-bit addressing by entering a non-zero value in the upper 32-bit address of the translation table entry. Zero value infers 32-bit addressing.

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