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How to program EPCQ-A devices used in an MAX®10 design?


  • Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition

    Due to the limitation that MAX® 10 devices do not come with any ASMI block, the Customizable Flash Programmer is suggested to be used for programming the EPCQ-A devices used
    in your MAX® 10 design.


    Step 1:

    Download the MAX® 10Customizable Flash Programmer design and change pin assignments for flash signals according to your kit. The Programmer Image provided is developed using the
    Intel ® Quartus ® Prime Standard Edition Software version 18.0. You must compile the Programmer Image using the Intel Quartus Prime version 18.0 or later.


    Step 2:

    Download System Console TCL scripts (customizable_programmer.tcl and epcqa.tcl) used for EPCQ-A devices.


    Step 3:

    Generate the rpd. file needed for Customizable Flash Programmer.

    Please refer to Customizable Flash Programmer User Guide Chapter Generating .rpd File for Other FPGA Devices

    Fill the quartus.ini with “PGM_ALLOW_QSPI128=ON” to enable 3-byte addressing, regardless of the flash density.

    Select configuration device: QSPI128

    Select mode: Active Serial x4


    Step 4:

    Download the modified “cust_prog_max10” design into your kit.


    Step 5:

    Run customizable_programmer.tcl and program command in the system console to program the RPD file into EPCQ-A.

    % source customizable_programmer.tcl

    % read_memory_id

    % programming_flow test.rpd

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