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Why do I see the disassembled code and not the source code for my Excalibur ARM-based application while debugging with AXD debugger?


Description The AXD debugger needs to load the .elf file residing in the debug folder of your project directory. If you have run the software build for the project in any other folder other than debug folder, the AXD debugger will always load the disassembled code for the application. Follow the below steps to observe the source code for the application.
  1. In Quartus II go to Processing -> Software Mode
  2. Go to Processing -> Software Build Settings
  3. In the General tab, choose the "Current Software Build settings" as Debug
  4. Assign the desired /CPU/Compiler/Assembler/Linker options for the project
  5. Run a software build
  6. Launch AXD

You shall now be able to step and set breakpoints in the source code seen in the AXD window. This source can now be viewed in disassembly mode.

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