Product Features and Requirements for Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility

Last Reviewed: 01-Mar-2016
Article ID: 000006636

Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility features:

  • Configure various system performance settings from in a Microsoft Windows* environment. Available override controls include: 
    • Processor core and graphics frequencies
    • Processor core and graphics voltages
    • Memory timings
  • Change select configuration parameters without rebooting your system.
  • Individual stress tests available for CPU, graphics, and memory.
  • The system information tab provides details about the motherboard, processor, and BIOS.
  • Multiple hardware monitor options for temperature, voltage, and frequencies. The monitors can be tracked, allowing you to graph the variation in values.
  • Ability to save a profile on your system for various performance configurations for a one-click overclocking experience.
  • The BIOS-less feature set allows you to overclock certain controls on your system based on the platform features available. You do not need to reboot your system or interact with the BIOS directly.

Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility requirements:

  • Intel® Processor-based computer with a Windows 7* or Windows 8* operating system.
  • Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility software installed.
  • Integrated Intel® Watchdog Timer Driver support is recommended although not required, to help maintain system stability and recovery during overclocking.

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