Frequently Asked Questions about Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility

Last Reviewed: 09-Jan-2017
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Where can I download Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU)?All versions of the Intel® XTU software are available at Download Center.
I just upgraded the software from the 2.1 version to 3.0, and I am missing a few controls. Why did that happen?Intel® XTU 3.0 required a change in the BIOS implementation that your system does not currently support. You still have most of the monitoring and stress testing functionality in place with the upgrade. The controls visible to you are the basic features available on your platform and can be overclocked without rebooting the system. If you want to see previous controls, uninstall your current version and download the latest Intel XTU at Download Center.
How can I get Intel Extreme Tuning Utility to launch?
  • Make sure the software is installed on your computer. Click Start > All Programs and search for Intel Extreme Tuning Utility.
  • Reboot the system after installation. Rebooting allows the drivers to register correctly and communicate with the software.
  • In Device Manager, make sure the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility Service is installed. Stop and start the service to relaunch the product.

If the suggestions do not resolve the issue, report it. Include the log file from C:\ProgramData\Intel\Intel Extreme Tuning Utility\Logs.

Why do I not see any controls when I launch the software?Once installation is complete, make sure the system is rebooted. If the issue still occurs, check the Device Manager for the following drivers:
  • Iocbios2 installed under Hidden devices
  • ACPI BIOS Control Driver under System devices

If the suggestions do not resolve the issue, report it. Include a log file from C:\ProgramData\Intel\Intel Extreme Tuning Utility\Logs.

Why am I missing tuning controls on my system?Intel Extreme Tuning Utility displays various controls and provides access to features based on the system's motherboard and processor configurations. Not all processors provide real-time support for all controls. Motherboard manufacturers can restrict access to various controls that prevent the user from overclocking those settings.
Who do I contact for support for Intel Extreme Tuning Utility?Intel does not offer phone or chat support for this utility, but we do our best to respond to forum posts in a timely manner. Access our forum at Intel Support Community.

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