Product Order Codes for Intel® Pentium® D Desktop Processors

Last Reviewed: 10-Feb-2017
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This document describes Intel® Pentium® D Processor order codes and provides a list of products and their corresponding order code.

Intel® Desktop Processor order codes are typically boxed or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) order codes.


  • Boxed order code: Belongs to the retail or boxed processor sold in the channel, and comes with a Intel® three-year warranty. Intel provides technical support and warranty services for these processors. A boxed product includes a processor, manual, sticker, and heatsink.

  • OEM order code: Also known as the tray order code, refers to processors sold directly to system manufacturers who integrate the processors in their PC. These manufacturers provide technical support and warranty services directly to the customer.


Note The Intel® Pentium® D family has one package type - LGA775. You should select a desktop board that supports your specific package type and provides BIOS support for your processor.

1 A 'T' or 'T2' at the end of a boxed order code denotes a processor shipped with Balanced Technology Extended (BTX) thermal solutions. A 'T' is a type 1 and a 'T2' is a type 2 thermal solution.

Click an order code in the table below to find processor specifications for that processor:


Processor Number Core Speed Front Side Bus Package Type Boxed Order Code OEM Order Code
960 3.60 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80553960 HH80553PG1044M
950 3.40 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80553950
945 3.40 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80553945 HH80553PG0964MN
940 3.20 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80553940
935 3.20 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80553935 HH80553PG0884M
930 3 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80553930
925 3 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80553925 HH80553PG0804MN
920 2.80 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80553920
915 2.80 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80553915 HH80553PG0724MN
840 3.20 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80551PG3200FN
830 3 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80551PG3000FN
820 2.80 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80551PG2800FN
805 2.66 GHz 533 MHz LGA775 BX80551PE2666FN HH80551PE0672MN

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