Desktop Processor Physical Damage Information—Damage Due to External Causes

Last Reviewed: 19-Sep-2017
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Information on physical damage of processor (damage to due to external causes)

  • If performed improperly, the following can damage the product:
    • Integration
    • Installation
    • Usage outside design specifications
    • Packaging, if shipping or returning the product
  • Upon receipt of the returned product, we visually inspect for externally caused damage. We screen products using the naked eye or a 3X magnification scope without applying any mechanical or electrical pressure to the products.
  • Damage to the product indicates the products was changed from its original shipment and usage condition. This tampering violates the Three Year Limited Warranty for Intel® Boxed Processors.
Note Motherboard sockets may leave marks under normal usage. We do not consider this damage to the product due to external causes.


Possible physical damage to the product due to external causes

Defect Symptom Description Examples
Components missing or damaged
  • The component is missing from the required location
  • Evidence of crack, chips, and damages to the components

Missing component
Picture above: Missing component

Cracked component
Picture above: Cracked component
Heat spreader damages, cracks, and scratches
On the heat spreader, reject if there are:
  • Cracks
  • Breaks
  • Chips
  • Smashed corners
  • Peeling
  • Blistering
Reject if scratches are exposing the base metal.

scratched heat spreader 1

scratched heat spreader 2
Picture above: Indicates a deep scratch on the heat spreader
Damaged or deformed package

(*Package is also known as substrate)
Package has:
  • Cracks
  • Trace cuts
  • Expose trace
  • Masking peel-offs caused by dropping or misusing product

masking peel-offs
Picture above: masking peel-offs
Contamination or foreign material
Presence of foreign material on:
  • Package
  • Land pads
  • Pins
Approved cleaning solvent could not remove foreign materials.

Foreign Material on CPU surface & land pads

Picture above: Foreign material on CPU surface and land pads

Foreign Material on CPU Pins
Picture above: Foreign material on CPU pins
Damaged or bent pins You cannot properly install the processor in the CPU socket due to:
  • Gross bent pins
  • Compound bow
  • Twisted pins
  • Missing pins

CPU Pins are bent
Picture above: bent CPU pins
Damaged or deformed silicon (die)
Chipped or cracked on the die side.
Chip off on the edge of CPU Die
Picture above: Chip off on the edge of CPU die
Scratched silicon (die)
  • Scratch with length greater than ~25% of the shortest die length
  • Over three visible scratches

Scratch on the on the CPU Die more than 25% of the length

Picture above: Scratch on the CPU die is more than 25% the length

>3 Visible Scratches
Picture above: Over three visible scratches
Thermally damaged CPU Thermal damage (burn mark) on CPU:
  • Package
  • Components
  • Die

CPU is thermally damaged

Picture above: thermally damaged CPU

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