Datasheet for Intel® Pentium® Processor

Last Reviewed: 13-Jun-2016
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The Pentium® Processor 75/90/100/120/133/150/166/200 extends the Pentium® Processor family, providing performance needed for mainstream desktop applications as well as for workstations and servers. The Pentium® Processor is compatible with the entire installed base of applications for DOS*, Windows*, OS/2*, and UNIX*. 

The Pentium® Processor 75/90/100/120/133/150/166/200 superscalar architecture can execute two instructions per clock cycle. Branch prediction and separate caches also increase performance. The pipelined floating point unit delivers workstation level performance. Separate code and data caches reduce cache conflicts while remaining software transparent.

The processor has 3.3 million transistors built on Intel's advanced 3.3 V BiCMOS silicon technology, and has on-chip dual processing support, a local multiprocessor interrupt controller, and SL power management features.

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