Overclocked Processors and System Bus

Last Reviewed: 13-Sep-2017
Article ID: 000007109

Reliability issues
Overclocked processors can produce unpredictable results, system instabilities, and even shorten the life of the processor. The expected frequency is the frequency at which Intel warrants the reliable performance of the processor. If you have not intentionally changed the system bus frequency or ratio, contact your system manufacturer or reseller to resolve the problem. If you bought an Intel processor that seems to be overclocked and you installed it yourself, contact the processor place of purchase. 

Accurate detection
Intel made every effort to create a utility that would be 100 percent accurate. In cases where the utility fails to recognize an overclocked condition, contact Intel® Customer Support.

Returning overclocked processors
If you believe your processor is overclocked, return your system to the place of purchase. If they are no longer in business, or cannot help you, contact the system manufacturer.

Our experience is that the vast majority of system manufacturers respond positively to consumer issues and stand behind their products and brand promise. We are happy to talk to a user who is experiencing difficulty in getting a response from their supplier. Intel is not the vendor of the assembled systems and cannot warrant or guarantee work or systems from other manufacturers. Intel provides comprehensive technical support and documentation for proper use and installation of Intel processors by system manufacturers, integrators, and professional computer service companies.

If you believe the system sold to you has been misrepresented or you have been otherwise defrauded, you can consider contacting local law enforcement for redress.

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