My Computer Has No Display - How to Isolate and Troubleshoot Processor "No Display" Issues

Last Reviewed: 15-Feb-2017
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My computer has no display.
My computer has no power.
My computer is dead.

Try the Online No Boot Wizard.

This page provides information on how to troubleshoot processor "no display" issues.
We recommend checking the following items to isolate the source of the issue:

Determine the most recent change to the computer

If your computer was in a working state before, determine the most recent hardware or software change to your computer. It might help if you can revert to the past setting or configuration.

Hardware changes may be the latest hardware part you installed, for example: display card, hard drive, power supply, sound card, and so on.

Software changes may be the latest program you installed, for example: games, software applications, and so forth.

Inspect for physical damage

The optimum functionality of the processor may be affected if it has physical damage. If you see signs of physical damage on your processor, contact us immediately.

Check for processor issues

processor location

A faulty processor may show the same symptom of “no display” during boot up. Check the following:

  1. Make sure that you are using a compatible processor for your motherboard.
  2. Try replacing the processor with a known working processor, or try your processor on another known working computer.
  3. Renew the Thermal Interface Material (TIM) as described in the related link below.

Check for motherboard issues

Image of motherboard
A faulty motherboard may show the “no display” symptom during boot up.

Replace the motherboard with a known working motherboard that supports your processor. If you are unsure if the substitute motherboard supports your processor, consult the motherboard manufacturer for details.

Make sure the test motherboard you use is of the same specification as your Intel® Desktop Board.

If you use a third-party motherboard for testing, consult the motherboard manufacturer for details.

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