Overview of Intel® Processor Tools

Last Reviewed: 08-Sep-2017
Article ID: 000006804

The table provides links and descriptions to Intel® product tools and utilities. Most of these tools are specific to desktop processors, while others span all Intel® products.

Tool or Utility Description
Intel® Desktop Compatibility Tool
  • Provides compatible products for Intel® Desktop Processors, Intel® Desktop Boards, and third-party desktop boards.
  • This tool does not include processor families released before 2006.
Intel® Processor Identification Utility
  • Identifies processor and if it is working at the correct frequency.
  • Provides other processor details and information on certain Intel® technologies.
  • Intel® Processor ID guided tour video.
Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool
ARK | Your source for Intel® Product Information
  • Provides detailed information for all Intel® products.
  • Includes product essentials, detailed specifications, advanced technologies, and product images.
  • The former Intel codenames for processors and chipsets are listed in the tool under related products.
System Identification Utility
  • Identifies Intel® products on your computer.
  • Provides technical information, general system information, and available downloads for your products.
  • ActiveX*/Java browser component is required.
Intel® Driver Update Utility
Intel® Driver Update Utility Graphics
  • Scans system for Intel-provided drivers to make sure that they are up to date.
  • Detects the graphics driver updates that are relevant for your computer.
  • ActiveX*/Java browser component is required.
Note Intel® Turbo Boost Technology Monitor is no longer a supported tool. Online support information is provided for reference only.