Troubleshooting Tips for Intel® Wireless Technology

Last Reviewed: 07-Feb-2017
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The following suggestions can help you troubleshoot an issue:

Attempt to isolate the problem
Use keywords to search for similar issues
Update drivers and software

Attempt to isolate the problem:
Isolating and resolving a problem requires a systematic approach. The following items can help you isolate the problem.

  • Did it work, and now it doesn't work? If yes, has anything changed on the computer since that time? For example, has the access point or environment changed?
  • Change settings or parameters one at a time. Do not change multiple settings at once. Write down the setting you changed, and what the result was. Note whether the change has a positive or negative impact on the problem or whether it changes the symptoms.
  • Do other computers have the same issue, or is it just this computer? For example, do all computers on the same network have the same issue?

Use keywords to search for similar information:
Search Intel's support site or your computer manufacturer's website using keywords that describe your problem. Some suggestions include:

  • Single word searches: wireless, wi-fi, wimax, network, connection, security
  • Multiple word search: wireless troubleshoot (looks for all documents containing wireless AND troubleshoot)
  • Combine these words and others in quotation marks for specific phrase searches: "wireless connection"

Update driver and software:
Many problems can be remedied by updates to drivers and software. The Intel® Driver Update Utility can help you determine your current Intel wireless driver version and update the driver is needed.

1 Intel is a supplier of laptop components and doesn't manufacture or sell complete laptop systems. Your computer manufacturer may have customized the driver on your computer. Before downloading and installing a driver from Intel, check with your computer manufacturer for a customized version.

This article applies to:

Intel® Wireless Gateway
Intel® Wireless Gateway Series