Setting Wireless Adapter Power Management

Last Reviewed: 17-Feb-2017
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Power management
The power management setting can be thought of as power savings mode. Power savings have six levels. Disabling power savings mode provides the greatest Wi-Fi network performance.

Power management lets you select a balance between power consumption and Wi-Fi adapter performance. The Wi-Fi adapter power settings balance the computer's power source and its battery.

  • Default value: Default power settings are based on the computer's power source.
  • Manual: Adjust the power setting as desired. Use the lowest setting for maximum battery life. Use the highest setting for maximum performance.
Windows® 10, Windows 7*, and Windows 8.1*

To access the Power Options:

  1. Open Control Panel.
    • For Windows 7: Select Start > Control Panel
    • For Windows 10 and 8.1: Press Win X or right-click on the Start button and select Control Panel
  2. Select Power Options or Hardware and Sound > Power Options. 
  3. Select Change plan settings (next to the power plan).
  4. Select Change advanced power settings.
  5. Select Wireless Adapter Settings (you may need to scroll).
  6. Open Power Saving Mode.
  7. Select the options for On battery and Plugged in.

Power Management


Power options:

  • Maximum Performance: Adapter is set to maximum transmit power level.
  • Low Power Saving: Slightly lower transmit power than maximum performance.
  • Medium Power Saving: Offers slightly less power saving than maximum power saving.
  • Maximum Power Saving: Sets the adapter to the lowest transmit power.
Note Setting power options to Maximum Performance while on battery can cause battery power to discharge faster.

Power Management


Power Management


Video: How to change the wireless power settings on Windows 7*

Windows XP*

Make sure to read the information in the Description box about setting Power Management for an Intel Wireless Adapter installed in a system with Windows XP*.


Power Management

Note The setting under NCPA Power Management tab "Allow the computer to turn of this device to save power" has no effect on WiFi Power Management, rather only on how Windows and the Device Driver handle the device power down during suspend and hibernation.

Intel recommends to keep the default value (checked) for this setting.
default value (checked)

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